This is Why You Want to Have Your Home Pre-Wired for Your Security System

We get it.  It’s not always possible to have your home pre-wired to accommodate your home security system – after all we’re homeowners too.  

In fact, if you’re reading our blog from Edmonton, it’s possible that we’re neighbours.  So we understand that if you buy or rent an existing house, then simply tearing it down and starting from scratch in order to pre-wire your security system is so far out of the ballpark that it’s not even in the parking lot.  A little Telus Field joke between neighbours never hurt, right?  However, what about a new build?

Anyways, let’s get serious.  There are several great reasons to go the extra mile to pre-wire your security system if the opportunity presents itself.  Let’s analyze the reasoning behind this, shall we? First, not all technology is going to be wireless in the next few years. There still exists a strong need for wired systems.  Read on to discover why you just may want to consider pre-wiring in your next house:

  1. It’s cheaper this way – Having a wired system installed by your builder or a contractor is significantly cheaper than having a technician bill you for time spent carefully spooling and stapling cable throughout your beautiful finished house.
  2. You’re able to consider your current needs – Perhaps your needs now are to use that cabling to run a CCTV camera to the baby’s room?  Incorporating wiring while the build is still in progress means you can give yourself the freedom to choose.
  3. You’re able to consider your future needs – Once you’re past the new home phase, it may be time for a more sophisticated security system as your assets increase.  Having an awareness of how your needs might change over time will give you the flexibility to roll with the changes that life brings you.
  4. You’re able to incorporate different technologies – options are unlimited! – pre-wiring your house with low-voltage wiring is an extremely useful asset as the world becomes more internet-based.  Some examples of incorporating separate technologies are running cable, internet, audio, video, and surveillance wiring to various areas of the house.
  5. You can incorporate structured cabling – this applies more generally to pre-wiring, but structured cabling generally means that you’ll have an easier time keeping all the wires and cables in your house straight, accessible and serviceable.
  6. It’s difficult for thieves to disable – Common sense dictates that something that is hidden is more or less tamper-proof.  With wires concealed in walls, burglars won’t be able to snip a wire in order to disable the security system and gain access to your house.
  7. It’s aesthetically pleasing – Let’s face it.  With the exception of this, most cables look better when they’re hard at work, hidden, in a wall.
  8. You’ll get more value from your home – In this case, the frugal choice is actually not the cheaper upfront option.  Instead, the frugality of prewiring lies in the economy of having a qualified professional install the appropriate wiring throughout the house while the house’s infrastructure is accessible, saving extensive retrofitting costs.  It’s win-win, should you choose to install a security system up front as well as doing the wiring, it was installed at the most economical time.  Choosing to install a security system later – the infrastructure has been laid, and if never, well, it’s a cost that is rolled into builders’ fees, and leads me to my final point:
  9. It improves resale value – the existence of structured low-voltage cabling, whether hooked to an existing system or not – improves the resale value of your home!  In today’s changeable real estate market – we’ll take every penny we can get!

So there you have it – 9 excellent reasons why it’s in your best interest to pre-wire your next home.  

If you have questions about the information posted in our blog, or want more information about how Select Security can help you install wiring and/or a security system in your home, give us a call at (780) 451-8067 or email us today!

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