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As a homeowner, you should feel confident in the home security system that you have chosen.  

Whether you want a wired security system or wireless, in a new build or retrofitted to your existing home, a system that is tailored to your layout and lifestyle is exactly what you need for peace of mind. Read on to learn more about the types of systems that we offer.

Alarm/Intrusion Systems

Alarm or intrusion security systems work by creating a continuous connected ‘loop’ around your house that includes doors and windows. If the loop is interrupted without disarming the alarm panel first, an alarm will sound. Through the use of our 24-hour monitoring station, or through our smartphone integration, Select Security can provide our customers with the comfort of knowing their loved ones and valuables are being protected at all times.

Rest easy knowing that our consultant will help you pick the system that is right for you home security needs based on your initial meeting and our portfolio of solid brand names like DSC and Honeywell.

We’re happy to listen to you then make professional recommendations based on your needs.

Wired Systems

Both alarm/intrusion systems and video surveillance systems can be hardwired for a more failproof experience. Expertly configured and installed from scratch during the build-phase of a newly-built home, or integrated into an existing home, hardwiring provides years of maintenance-free security.

Select Security technicians have a keen eye for detail when it involves provisioning for wires and unobtrusively locating various elements of the system in your home.

Wireless Systems

Wireless alarm/intrusion systems function in much the same way as wired systems – if the circuit is broken, that information is relayed to the panel, and a loud or silent alarm results.  Instead of low-voltage wiring, circuit information travels via continuous radio frequency.  While this system requires that the batteries be replaced on a regular basis, it is ideal for a home security upgrade in an existing house.

Video Monitoring Systems

Depending on your needs, our security team may brief you on the advantages of a video monitoring system for your home.

We have plenty of experience using all types of home video surveillance and as a result, we’ve become a certified partner of Mobotix, the best all around equipment provider in our line of work. Mobotix is a premium, cost-effective security vision system renowned for their ease of use, quality, and reliability.