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Your commercial premises are a testament to your hard work and livelihood and as a business owner, you need a business security system that will protect your assets.

Whether your system is wired or wireless, in a new build or retrofitted to your existing property, a commercial security system that is tailored to your needs will help you prevent crimes on your premises.  Continue reading to learn more about the types of business security systems that we offer.

Video Surveillance Systems

Depending on the nature of your business, our security consultant may discuss the merits of a video surveillance system for your premises.

Select Security has lots of experience using all types of video surveillance equipment – what works and what doesn’t – and we’ve chosen to become a certified service partner of Mobotix.  We trust Mobotix for its ease of use, reliability, and value for our clients.

Wired Systems

Alarm/intrusion systems, video surveillance systems, and card access systems can all be provisioned with hardwiring.  Select Security expertly configures and installs wiring during the build-phase of a commercial property, and then returns during the finishing phase to mount the panel and make adjustments.

Select Security commercial technicians love to use their expertise and have a keen eye for detail and placement of your new system.

Wireless Systems

Wireless alarm/intrusion systems function in much the same way as wired systems – if the circuit is broken, that information is relayed to the panel, and a loud or silent alarm results.  However in a wireless system, security information travels via continuous radio frequency.  This type of system requires that the batteries be replaced on a regular basis but may be ideal for your commercial building.

Our team is happy to advise you.

Card Access Systems

Access control systems provide our customers with centralized control of access doors and secure areas of your business. By taking advantage of Select Security System’s card access solutions, you can track and control access to the different areas of your business.

Authorized site administrators can enable and disable door permissions, lock and unlock doors throughout your business via user cards or fobs, and create schedules for opening and closing, all through secure interface.

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