Use APAIR to Make Your Business More Secure

It was Red Bull Crashed Ice last weekend here in Edmonton and so our minds have been on risk analysis and mitigation here at Select Security.  

As a business owner, you know that a LOT of business planning has to do with identifying and managing risk.  As depressing as it sounds, this mindset exactly meshes with how to secure and protect your assets on a broader level.  While we’re waiting for the festivities to start, we’ve outlined a number of ways that our clients can protect these assets from a commercial security perspective.

Need to secure your business? Follow this plan:


Take a long hard look at what you have, and the strengths and weaknesses in how you’re currently protecting it.  Look not only at the present configuration but also at past events.  Extrapolate as best you can into the future.

A detailed analysis wouldn’t be complete without considering your premises, your digital assets, your monetary assets, your brand, your stock, your employees and human resources, other intangibles, your equipment and consumables.


Drill down and look at what options are available to protect your assets.  At Select Security, we focus mainly on what a commercial surveillance and alarm options would benefit you.  Our team looks at:

  • Strength of entry points: I can’t stress this enough – consider every single possible entry to your building.
  • Security of your perimeter: Similarly, appropriate fencing, signage, surveillance, and lighting are all deterrents to would-be criminals.
  • Installation of surveillance and alarms: Our favourite!  Talk to an accredited security firm like Select Security.  Our team can ensure that you look at all the factors involved in order to get the best system for your premises and budget.
  • Know your premises, personnel, and visitors:  Without appearing to scrutinize too closely, do you know where everything and everyone should be at a given time of day?  Do you stop to listen to your instinct in the event that something feels off?  Making regular stops in at your premises will help you hone this intuition.
  • Protect your business online: At Select, our specialty is security for your premises but that doesn’t mean you should ignore your digital assets.  We do offer some resources and insights that may help business owners get started.
  • Advertise your security: The perception of security is important as well as the actual security.  A few well-placed signs and casual word of mouth will get the word out that you’re taking a proactive approach to your business’ security needs.


Actionable items that you can put into place to provide measurable improvements. For example, you’ve determined through your Analysis that part of your Plan is to improve perimeter security.  Implementing this includes calling a contractor like Select Security to see what we offer for this service at a price that matches your budget.

Audit and Review

Did it work?  If yes, continue implementing a new action item.  If no, back to the drawing board…

There are a few useful ways to audit your improved security plan – test it out; are the doors to your premises more secure?  Have you noticed things on your surveillance video that were henceforth going unnoticed?  Perhaps you’ve found that you need a different solution at one of your entry points and need to revisit that piece of your plan.

The possibilities are endless, and frankly a little daunting.  Call Select Security – we can help clarify your goals for security on your commercial premises and provide some direction for a comprehensive security plan.

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