One Proven Method to Protect Your Business from Slip and Fall Scammers

It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book and used to be considered a path to ‘easy money’. One look at the number of lawyers who deal with ‘slip and fall’ lawsuits and ‘personal injuries’ will assure you of the profitability of this particular scam.

While there are plenty of honest accidents and reputable litigators, the fact exists that companies will generally settle a claim for personal injury on their commercial premises before going to court.  However, the times are a’changin’.  What’s the difference between today’s commercial premises and that of even 10 years ago that show slip and fall customer litigation on the decline?

Easy.  Video surveillance footage from your commercial security system.

At this point we need to be thankful that we’re based in Edmonton, not Florida (the commercial slip and fall injury fraud capital of North America) but the reality is, this kind of fraud costs consumers, and our economy hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.  For a fraction of that price, you could have truly effective insurance in the event that an incident happens on your property.  Let’s go through some examples of where a picture is worth a thousand words.

  • In Phoenix, AZ, a 39 year old woman was filed suit against the big box store where she was shopping after her partner was caught on surveillance purchasing a hotdog, and then putting it on the floor of an aisle.  She came along shortly afterward and feigned a slip and injury.
  • Two women in the United States were caught on film spreading water around the floor of a grocery store aisle.  Without a cart, woman A lowers herself carefully to the ground atop the puddle, carefully adjusting her outfit and hair before lying down.  Woman B comes down the aisle with her cart and fakes surprise and concern at the appearance of an injured patron.  The pair were hoping to claim $300 000 with a fraudulent suit but instead were prosecuted and banned from the store.
  • In South Carolina, a man is taped fiddling with a ‘wet floor’ safety cone.  From there he selects some orange juice, pours it near the cone, stashes the juice container and then meanders back to the cone where he ‘slips’ on the juice and falls almost in slow motion.  He sought $8000 in compensation but instead ended up in jail due to the surveillance footage.

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau in Chicago, IL, cases like these are difficult to disprove without the benefit of commercial security technology.  However, with the footage available, several factors become apparent:

  • Whether there was negligence on the part of the company to clear an area of snow, ice, water, or debris
  • Whether there appears to be a ‘set up’ or coincidental factors at play
  • The exact dynamics of the fall as a predictor of possible injuries
  • Potential witnesses and collaborators

If you have questions about this information or how commercial surveillance can help avoid insurance fraud, call the team at Select Security at (780) 451-8067 or email us – we’d be happy to help you problem solve solutions for your business.

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