Industry Experts Say That Good Video Surveillance Systems Come Down to These 5 Elements

There are several key components to getting the best video surveillance systems and Select Security is here to articulate some of the best options for both residential and commercial solutions.

What we see in the surveillance industry is that costs have come down as the technology itself becomes more affordable, but there is still a significant component of seeing what features fit inside those fairly static costs – value is a better measure of satisfaction than cost at this point, and available features that add value (if you follow my loose equation) can vary wildly from product to product.

Surveillance System Basics

How many separate sensors do you need?  How many are covered or included in the package you’re looking at purchasing?  How do you get more, if one set isn’t enough and are they available a la carte, or easily replaced?  Make sure you tally all windows, exterior doors, and motion lines-of-sight in your count.

Questions like these will give you a base apples-to-apples comparison price when you’re shopping around.

Surveillance System Plug and Play

How difficult is the system to put together and have up and running?  Some people choose to tackle the DIY market when it comes to installing a video surveillance system, and Select Security salutes you.  We know how problematic such systems can be – after all it’s how we get a lot of our referrals in the Edmonton region.

How much work do you have to do in order to understand the instruction manual and set up the components?  More upfront costs may buy you a system that is much easier to use.

Contract vs No Contract for Surveillance Apps and Ongoing Support

As the surveillance market evolves along a separate but parallel path as mobile technology, it’s only natural that innovators take one technology and interface with the other.  You got it.  Apps.

In the ever growing need to stay competitive, there are apps at all price points, including free or next to free.  Often, the apps have a rolling monthly charge.  As with all apps, be sure to properly evaluate the support and actual interface that you may get between different apps.  Also, the app itself is robust with your phone, and your partner’s phone….and your next phone, right?

Bells and Whistles

Some of the bells and whistles coming up here generally make choosing a system a little more difficult.  Don’t make the mistake, however, of confusing the bells and whistles with basic functionality and contract price point as we delved into above.  In all instances, while bells and whistles may make things easier in your life, in reality, we’ve been installing wired systems for over 15 years – trust us when we say that there is no technology that is a ‘need’.  Some handier features include:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • Night vision
  • Smartphone app
  • Motion sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Humidity sensor
  • Learning technology

Camera-App Interface

Plenty of IP cameras allow you to view your premises from a remote location, few though have a simple setup or even an elegant interface.  Like I outlined earlier in the article, be aware that sometimes with apps and native programs, you get what you pay for.  Sometimes a ‘free app’ isn’t the best way to go when it comes to something as important as your home or business surveillance needs.


So I’ve given you a number of features that add value (or maybe just add hassle!) depending on what kind of a person you are, your family and living environment, and your degree of technical aptitude.  The easiest thing that you can do is probably make a quick checklist based on the article here, and then begin comparing different providers and features in order to get the closest match to your needs.

Calling Select Security to talk about your choices is a great option for most consumers – our staff are happy to talk with you about the pros and cons of the various criteria I’ve laid out throughout this article – our goal is to ensure that our customers and friends are completely happy with the product that they buy. Raising the bar so that all consumers are happy and confident is the best protection against theft that there is.  Call Select Security today at: (780)451-8067 or email us at to talk about your best security options.

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