Myth Busting: DIY Commercial Security System Set-Up Isn’t All It’s Advertised to Be

So easy!

DIY install in 2 hours or less!

Comparable with professional systems at a fraction of the price!

Amazon and similar websites are full of reviews touting the ease and benefits of DIY commercial security systems – yet if it were that easy, why are we still one of Edmonton’s foremost commercial and residential security companies?  If it were really that easy, wouldn’t we have to start a new business doing something else that we love?

The truth is, as people become more adept at completing technical work themselves, there is a certain kind of person that enjoys the work of completing this type of project on  a DIY basis.

From a professional point of view however, short term gains in knowledge or saving the installation fee are not usually worth it over the life cycle of the system.  While I confess that we ARE biased, you should read on for the most important reasons that our team advocates using a licensed professional team for security assessment, selection, installation, and support.

As we already said, you may save some money and potentially some installation fees depending on the type of system you choose if you opt for DIY. There is no disputing that fact, though people tend to be overconfident in their abilities. You could easily burn all your prospective profit if there is an error in DIY installation or security system selection.

Where you’re guaranteed to come out ahead  by hiring a professional like Select Security to install a commercial alarm system is with the following factors:

Time – As the proprietor of a business, you know (and we know too!) that 24 hours in a day isn’t enough.  By contracting a professional like Select Security, you can deal with the zillion other things that come up in the course of your day.  You should be able to trust your installation team to do what needs to be done and then provide you with a briefing to get you up and running.  Seriously, you’ve just saved days or weeks in this one step.  How much is your hourly value worth?

Installation of any but the most basic wireless system – What happens after you’ve created a site security assessment and discovered that your site and business goals demand more than a basic wireless system?

Insurance and legal issues – One of the really excellent perks of having a certified professional install your alarm system is that they have no problems signing off on the install – saving you all sorts of future headaches in the event that you have an occurrence at your commercial premises, you’re off the hook as being liable for any damages through an improper install.

So, long winded explanation aside, it’s not outside the capabilities of a technically-minded person to install a basic security system given enough time.  However, we like to think that we’ve got something special in terms of knowledge, friendliness, professional liability, and ongoing support that’s pretty valuable to our customers.

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